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I would happily consider selling any of these domain names
and/or source codes/ideas, If the price is right.

If you're interested, give me a shout at [Click here] And make me an offer .. - Free File Sharing - as easy as drag and drop! - free temporary email addresses. - Entertaining videos I find surfing youtube. - The Internets finest relaxation videos :) - no nonsense, just music (rock n roll, etc) :) - make money with affiliate marketing. - Unleash your FULL potent name). - t-shirts for hackers designed by a hacker! - Save time AND money the easy way. - Effortlessly destroy negative self beliefs.
NoteCabinet Pro - A free and portable scratch pad for firefox. - FREE Software so easy to use, it's a doddle. - Lots of lovely free amazon uk discount vouchers! - T-shirts for hackers, designed by a hacker. - a free random joke @ the touch of a button. - Recommend to friend, that cool page, easier. - old school dos games, playable online.
HowTos.IO - a FREE how-to's search engine. - All the latest hack/tech and security news in one place. - Easily find that nearest XYZ easy as 1-2-3. - surf the web anonymously for *FREE*.